Personal Search – Traffic Monetization Strategy

Beginning on the 2nd of February, anyone with a Google account will be automatically opted into a scheme where in an attempt to offer more “personalized” search results they begin to record your search behavior. See article on Search Engine Watch Google Search History

In the end, this may be an attempt at eradicating the SEO’s ability to monetize search engine traffic through the selling of a service. Many studies show that since significantly more clicks go to the organic results on the SERPs of major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN.

If rank becomes difficult to acheive across multiple user queries and you can no longer measure your rank keyword by keyword…anyone relying on the net to drive business will have to opt into paid search (PPC advertising). So the question is…is this a long term traffic monetezation strategy by Google…or simply an attempt to bring the most relevant search results forward on a basis tailored to the searcher?


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