Google Match Types – Inside Scoop


We asked Google the following question:

This is something we were wondering…

  • There are two identical ads and landing pages.
  • One has the broad match keyword “fruit platters” in its ad group; the other has the exact match keyword “fruit platters” in its ad group.
  • Someone searches for the phrase “fruit platters,” without any leading or trailing words or characters.  

Would the ad with the exact match keyword be placed higher, or is match type irrelevant for ad position?

 “Generally speaking, whenever the same keyword exists more than once in an account the keywords will compete against each other for placement. Therefore, the keyword with the stronger performance history, bid and relevance would win, regardless of match type.

In the case where the keywords were in the same ad group and had the same bid, then any impressions or clicks would be attributed to the more specific match type; in this case, exact match.”

That is all for now, and in case you were wondering, “stronger performance” and quality score are related. As it all circles back to the quality score in the end.


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