Google: Someone is getting jealous of Apple’s iPhone, can you guess who?

What is this? Google announces they are releasing a phone! Multiple confirmed reports state how Google, who already offers all the options of their website, on mobile devices already, is taking it 1 step further. They are going to skip the middle man and just start hocking their own phones. So this means what to the average Search Advertiser? My thoughts are that we will be able to start doing PPC local search based around the GPS ping if you will of where the cell phone is located? Or this is another method for people to search more (and undoubtedly kill their eyesight doing this)? But will this lead to more click fraud aka invalid clicks? Will people who hack into cell phone lines be able use the searches? What I want to know is, instead of a ring tone, can I place an audio or “pay-per-listen”(patent pending) ad on these cellphones?

Its already known that Google is the Wal-Mart of the world of internet. Are they trying to just branch out to overtake another industry? And if so, how can the internet marketing industry benefit from it?

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3 comments on “Google: Someone is getting jealous of Apple’s iPhone, can you guess who?
  1. Jeff James says:

    I think they’re betting that if they’re to control information 10 years down the line, they had better roll over the cellular business every which way. As people’s days get shorter and busier, who has the time to go to on their PC? Why not click and Shout “Google….find XYZ for me”?


  2. Greg says:

    I’ve actually been reading speculations on “more elegant” overtake of mobile marketing by Google. The idea is this:

    Provide consumers with “free” or “low cost” cell phone with all the goodies in them (mobile browser, mobile IM, SMS) – and grow their “mobile marketing” exposure that way.

    New channels of revenue now seem possible:

    – background music during conversation (pay-per-listen)
    – SMS marketing (which I feel is an unexploited territory)
    – mobile search (imagine the size of user-base if cell phones are free…)

    well… off to register some domain names…

    Greg Laptevsky


  3. Corinne says:

    Plenty of people are getting jealous of the iPhone.

    Of course, I’ve already been known to conduct a few google searches here and there on my treo. Not the greatest UI, even given the size of my screen, but I’m willing to tolerate it.

    How am I sucked into mobile Google already? Maps, Search, Gmail… those are the big three for now — but I agree they should expand to all parts of the mobile industry. (Pardon my mild case of scattered thoughts. It’s only 8a)


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