Just How Many Widgets Have You Sold? + HitTail Thoughts

Since when is it good to be old? Well, if you’re a business, all else equal – age means staying power. You’re either a monopolist or you’ve managed to stay competitive through evolution. Let’s look at this logo:

PC Richards Logo

So they’re honest, have integrity to boot (exploiting subtleties is at the heart of branding and product differentiation.), and to no great surprise – reliability follows. The key takeaway from that logo is the fact that they’ve been around for almost a century. That’s not bad for a business.

Let’s take this one step further. If businesses value the time they’ve been in business and truly see themselves as a going concern, why not publicize it even more? Why not have a clock outside any customer/employee touch point on or off line and display a counter telling how long the company has been “insert what they do” for customers?

Would it strike you as being odd if a dry cleaner had a digital sign displaying the # of jackets they’ve serviced? Would a mechanic tallying the total number of cars he’s fixed each day at day’s end be unnerving? Would an airline be more reputable if they stated explicitly, XYZ# flights and counting? Would Maytag be redflagged by consumers if they let people know how many more units they’ve sold over the lower priced brands?

I don’t think so – but it’s not practiced, this means 1 of 2 things:

1) It’s a bad idea.

2) It’s too hard to count.

I’m of the belief that it’s a good idea and brings transparency to any marketplace. On any resume you need to list the length of time you’ve worked somewhere – how is this any different from what I’ve stated above?

gmail counter

Google is proud to tell you that its Gmail service is offering more storage each time you login. This isn’t a clock, but a numerical value that offers legitimacy and demonstrates value.

kayak counter

Kayak is glad to tell you that 15,085 “kayakers” are hunting for $20 flights. If 15,085 people leaped off a bridge would you follow? Only if there’s a kayak at the bottom to get back to land.

The ultimate point of this post is to spur a bit of thought – is there anyway you can show your customers, whoever they are, that you’re a “great” business? Also, for the consumer – just what’s behind a number?


Also…take one glance around on the Internet and all you’ll see are # of times Dugg,  this HitTail widget shows which keywords delivered the last X # of visitors to the site…how’s that for transparency? The funnier thing is – HitTail, the premium version, is $99 dollars per MONTH!!!!!

I nearly fell off my chair reading this:

“Long tail graph of search keywords” (provided in both the free and premium versions)

My Answer to You – Frequency Distribution!

Come on man….$999 per year for the Organic Search Keywords Report Google Analytics will give you for Free…unlimited traffic too and reports can be automated and exported to CSV and PDF (more too I think) Geeeez. Well, he does have a PR background – SpinTail might be more appropriate all else equal.



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2 comments on “Just How Many Widgets Have You Sold? + HitTail Thoughts
  1. Mike Levin says:

    > The funnier thing is – HitTail, the premium version, is $99 dollars per MONTH!!!!!

    No one really needed the $99/mo product that we had on that chart, so it’s now just the basic service (the one everyone loves) at $99/year. We will be coming out with future products that are a bit more expensive, but the service will not be more than just keyword writing suggestions pf the free service and the habit-forming automation features of the Basic service. Thanks for the mention!


  2. Jeff James says:

    Hi Mike,

    I just saw this – I recall you saying you were developing a very user friendly programming language. Is that nearing a release at any point soon?

    What do you have in store for the HitTail product next?



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