Paid Search Management Techniques | Excel

Commonly one may need to generate lists of keyword combinations which all share a similar root, possibly a location or service which may be modified by monetary terms, a service in the case of a location root or a regional service modified by budget, “ppc consultant new york” is essentially a “specialty + service + region” but “affordable paid search consultant nyc” would be a “budget + specialty + service + location” keyword.

In any event, in the interest of time I’ll cut to the chase and present the technique. Our objective is to:

a) easily generate keyword lists without using any formulas

b) generate the corresponding tracking URLs if necessary.

The tools required are Microsoft Excel and a free Add-In, ASAP Utilities (download page)

The method – let’s assume we’re beginning with a list of cities.

keyword list of cities in excel

Forgive the somewhat contrived nature of what follows but let’s pretend I’m advertising my PPC consulting activities in a popular paid search engine and I’m hoping that I can scrap up some interest through geo targeted (not campaign setting wise) keyword phrases.

{New York} + PPC Consultant

{New York} + Paid Search Company

{New York} + AdWords Management Firm

First review the location from which you’ll be accessing the ASAP Utilities tool for this exercise.

paid search consulting keyword list

Once I’ve chosen the selected option under, “Text” a dialog box prompts you to enter some data and I will in accordance with my paid search consulting keyword objectives. Please follow the arrows clockwise for a chain of causation if you’re not sure what’s going on.

paid search management keywords being created

And the final result in text.

New York paid search firm
Ne York City paid search firm
Manhattan paid search firm
Queens paid search firm
NYC paid search firm
Long Island paid search firm
Suffolk County paid search firm
Albany paid search firm
New Jersey paid search firm
NJ paid search firm
Connecticut paid search firm
CT paid search firm
NY paid search firm

This example is has been subject to extreme simplification so in case you’re not convinced of this tool’s usefulness I’ll take another screen shot with a more advanced application of the tool. Once you have your keywords you need to tag them presumably.

tagging ppc consulting keywords

The end result is:

last result of URL manipulation

So there’s the URL, you’re inserting tracking parameters after it and you’re ready to upload. Hopefully you’ve found this useful and are now a more efficient individual!

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  1. Chris says:

    This post is very helpful. Thanks!


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