FTP SAINT Upload (SiteCatalyst) – the .fin file

One of the nice things about SiteCatalyst (Adobe Analytics) is the longtime feature of SAINT classifications. Why’s it called that?

  1. SiteCatalyst – duh
  2. Attribute – give additional names or categorizations to things
  3. Import – bring it into the system
  4. Naming – see attribute
  5. Tool – “SAIN” just wouldn’t have done it

I believe now they call it ‘classifications importer’ in the admin panel because they changed the name of the product, but us old-school analytics veterans still call it SAINT!

Here’s the deal though – you can’t export more than 50k rows via the browser. More often than not you need to export a csv to an FTP site (ftp.omniture.com and some convoluted user/pass) then import via csv to an adobe specified FTP site. If you don’t have this set-up you either need someone to do it for you, or you need admin access.

One thing you need to watch out for that appears needlessly complex in the documentation is the .fin file, which tells Omniture the import job is ready to rock. What in the world is that? You just spent 4 hours doing vlookups, sorting, manual row edits and finally you have your classified masterpiece but you’ve got a freaking .fin file you still need to generate.

Don’t worry – here’s how to do it:

  1. Take the name of the tab delimited text file you’re about to upload with fresh classifications (let’s use omnitureconsultant.txt) for a keyword rich example.
  2. Open a blank notepad file – leave it blank, really.
  3. Save it as omnitureconsultant.fin
  4. When you’re in your FTP client, edit the file name so that the .fin file is not .fin.txt (see image below)
  5. Drag the big classifications file in
  6. Drag the .fin file in
  7. Wait for an email confirming import (this is specified during the FTP site set-up back in the admin panel). If you didn’t set-up the FTP site, it’s probably going to someone else 🙂



That’s really it. Don’t be afraid to use SAINT – it’s just like adding columns to a spreadsheet so you can slice and dice the data in different ways. There’s also a secondary use which has similar protocol – “data sources”, which allows you to classify data or modify info about products or demand channels (POS) like call center, web, retail, etc…

Stay classified,





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