SiteCatalyst – Never data-warehouse it when a data extract will do

I’ve seen people rely on data warehouse to pull some pretty simple reports. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the ‘data extract’, which allows for quick and typically ‘by date part’ generation of csv’s of for some combo of [date + dimension] Here’s an example – someone asks for a quick overview on some specific email tracking code, but they’re not sure what exactly it was. They just know it had a ton of traffic several months ago.

data extract interface sitecatalyst


Under “more actions” select ‘extract data’, then in order to get the date you need to click on the blue date about the table builder. Then change the granularity to ‘daily’. Then your table will look like mine.

After that, grab say, the top 500 tracking codes by visits, add other metrics and voila, after a quick email and pivot table you can find whatever it is they were trying to figure out what ‘drove a ton of traffic’ a ‘few months ago’. The nbr of rows will be:

days * nbr daily tracking codes

If you need more than 2 columns of segments, sorry, gotta use DW or perhaps a quick session in ad-hoc analysis (formerly Discover). But that’s annoying sometimes and has limited utility for pure data extraction. It’s more of an exploratory tool or something to pick-up on trends (reasoning after the fact!).




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2 comments on “SiteCatalyst – Never data-warehouse it when a data extract will do
  1. Jen Whalen says:

    This is a good point but I have one question – is there a way to send the report so that it contains only the data? All of mine begin with 22 lines of descriptive information about the report settings, which makes it more of a pain to automatically import or connect to the data for recurring reports. Sometimes I use DW just because the data structure is more what analytics programs expect – headers in row 1, data starts at row two, with no blank columns or rows.


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