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Adobe Analytics Release Notes – Spring 2014 – WHY??

Why did you royally screw up navigation to/from the admin tools panel? Another example of an over-designed product – revert! Jeff Advertisements

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New Content Coming Soon!

Real soon 🙂 Jeff

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CNN News Comments

CNN Article + Comments Although I won’t reveal my perspective on her speach, as this blog is not a poltical one…it’s disheartening to see the array of ridiculous comments, presumably from those who feel themselves to be “knowledgable” about current

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Gmail Word of the Day Turned Credit Report Offer?

And it’s linking to: which redirects to: Good Job!

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Look at pic – enough said. Landing page To think I missed the NASA missions…

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Paid Search Management Techniques | Excel

Commonly one may need to generate lists of keyword combinations which all share a similar root, possibly a location or service which may be modified by monetary terms, a service in the case of a location root or a regional

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Google “Cars” and You’ll see the GOOG Caught off Guard! Ooohhps!!! :-()

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