Omniture Consulting (Adobe Analytics) – SiteCatalyst Consultant

Independent Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst) consultant to assist you with implementation, strategic issues, data visualization and more.

Get more from your data — Do more with your data!

Omniture Consulting and SiteCatalyst Implementation:

Your questions may be basic, they may be advanced. There’s probably a simple solution to even the most complex problem. I’m here to help simplify the task and drive results from your analytics solution ASAP. That’s why you purchased it, that’s what I can help you with. Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst) is a tool to help you minimize work, enhance your understanding, and improve your business – let’s try to do that!

Some common questions people have about Omniture SiteCatalyst:

  • What’s the best Channel & Pagename strategy? How do I devise this?
  • Should I set variables on page or in the s_code.js file?
  • How do I migrate to dynamic tag manager?
  • How can I use data correlations to segment and aggregate site traffic to better grasp what our key touch points and interactive drivers are?
  • How do I get the most out of the advanced pathing engine and fall-out reporting capabilities?
  • I want to migrate to marketing channels, but I’m not sure where to begin.
  • Why isn’t my page showing up in a most popular pages report?
  • How do I simplify campaign tracking by using SAINT?
  • How do I create new classifications?
  • Am I making the optimal use of eVars (custom commerce variables) and s.props (Property Variables)?
  • Are my custom events double counting and should I have them serialized?
  • Why does revenue differ from my internal order system?
  • How do I import order updates and returns?
  • Why is Google analytics reporting different #’s than Omniture? What are cookie expiration settings and how should I factor that into my analysis?
  • How do I use the SiteCatalyst debugger.
  • Should I buy SiteCatalyst or Google Analytics Premium?

Jeff on LinkedIn
Jeffrey James on LinkedIn - Omniture, paid search conultant


Reporting & the efficient circulation of actionable information throughout your organization:

  • How do I create a dashboard?
  • I need reports automatically emailed to me…how can Omniture do this?
  • I need this metric, but I can’t find it? Can I create a calculated metric or not?
  • Is the information I’m collecting even useful? I need help defining my objectives…how can I simplify my assumptions for more actionable insights?

Don’t hesitate to be in touch – I love this stuff!


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